Monday, February 1, 2010

How They See Us, & Who are their heroes?

Sent to me through email this morning, Sandy brings us a chilling look at ourselves from across the pond. While we may not (or may) agree with this assessment of ourselves, the article gives us at least a flickering glimpse as to the pressure that will be brought to bear as we try to bring our country back from the brink. But - bring it back, we must.

Please, read on:

from Sandy: I found this in the London Times - not some closeted, underground, extremist site. THE major newspaper in the largest city of our closest European ally.

This is scary stuff.

This is the real Barack Obama. England is Socialist enough that they can actually print garbage like this with a straight face - of course, the New York Times is not much better. But this is an outright call by a bold faced Socialist for the downfall of the capitalist system in America.

And who is his hero? BHO, of course.

I think this article gives a direct insight into what Obama really wants. I think he [BHO] thinks just like this guy [Kaletsky] - he just can't quite say it - yet.

We are still on the precipice of an outright disaster. I heard a clip this morning where Gibbs [insistently] said yesterday that they are only one vote away from the House passing the Senate health care bill and they were going to do it. Maybe this week. I truly think that they know that could incite a potential rebellion and they don't care. They welcome it. They want it. God help us.

Sus: I have seen a lot of you out there say things like 'we must keep the pressure on,' especially since the Scott Brown victory. Or, "We're not out of the woods yet." Or "We've got a lot of work to do."

Kids, 'The One' has international cheerleaders, like this cat Kaletsky. They're chanting down the most profitable, successful, wealth producing economic system that has ever thrived - American Capitalism. They think they can pick over us like buzzards over a decapitated carcass after that.

Stand up, kids. They cheer on the perceived executioner, & as they see it, Barack Hussein Obama holds the axe.

"We are still on the precipice of an outright disaster." Indeed.



Bungalow Bill said...

He is a walking contradiction. I laughed through his budget speech today knowing he doesn't even believe what he says. It's scary as hell none-the-less.

Toad734 said...

So you are saying that the financial collapse wasn't due to the deregulation of depression era banking laws and that Bush and the republicans are champions of such nonsense?

I think you would find that many of their heroes would be people like Gandhi, MLK, Bobby Sands, Churchill, Roosevelt, William Wallace, Nelson Mandella, Bono, Mother Teresa, Benjamin Franklin, Voltaire, Aldous Huxley,JFK, Princess Dianna etc... You know, liberal pussies who stood for progress and change.

The question is, who are your heroes?? Jim Crow, George Bush, The Rockerfellers, JP Morgan, Sean Hannity,Strom Thurmond, McCarthy, The Apartheid Government of South Africa? I think I would rather be identified with a list of liberals as opposed to a list of conservatives.

And how does your life change (besides your medical costs going down and your insurance company no longer being able to drop you for "preexisting conditions") if the Dems get medical reform?

Whats so scary about that? I mean, its merely the cost of a war in Iraq, which killed people as opposed to help them and you had no problems with that.

Susannah said...

My apologies, gentelmen, for having to delete & repost this comment. My dear husband noted that my links were missing one piece of html code, & weren't successful. Now, let's try again.

Clay~ Glad to see you! I liked the changes you made over @ your blog! You're right. I really don't think he believes what he says either, until he gets around to the Socialist stuff, or Alinsky's rules...Scary, yes.

Toad! Well you're a new name around here. Glad to have you. Though, I wish you would take some time to read my blog, b/c then you wouldn't have spent such energy attempting to bait me into an argument. After all, I've covered a lot of this ground already:

a) I do believe that the Bush Admin. had a lot to do w/ fiscal irresponsibility on the Fed. g'ment side, but the financial collapse had a LOT more to do w/ what Admin. before his did.

b) This post is aimed at a precise segment of the European Leftist media, & not Europeans as a collective people. To most regular readers here, that would be have been obvious. You bring an honest point of confusion to my attention, though. My apologies for not being more clear. Um. Okay.

c) If you'd bothered to check my list of labels, you might have seen heroes listed. Taking a peek at that might have saved you some stress.

d) Six paragraphs down in this post you'll find that William Wallace is exactly my kind of hero, among others including many of those you mentioned & a slew of those not pounded out through your keyboard.

e) How does my life change w/ Obamacare? Oh, let me count the ways...

f) Re:Iraq, I'll have to give you a partial pass, b/c I haven't written about it. But hey, that would mean you have no idea what you're talking about when you assume my motivations re: these wars. What I have written about is terrorism , which I believe wholeheartedly is a fight to the death.

So, dear Toad, if you'd like to come back & visit, please do. But if you do, just know that you're visiting somebody who is prepared & came to play .

Dan said...

Boy, what an angry dude.

Sandy said...

Toad, You left Stalin, Chavez, Castro, and Che off the list of liberal heroes.

And no, I would not lay the ALMOST financial collapse at the feet of Bush. Actually, if you want to blame it on the deregulation of Depression era laws - check your facts buddy. Glass-Steagall was repealed under another of your heroes, Bill Clinton. Maybe he was sucking on a stogie and missed it.

And don't forget that the whole thing snuck up on everyone, including those who should have known best - like Democrat Barney Frank who was Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee - the committee that oversees the entire financial services sector - including BANKING AND HOUSING! (I don't even want to think about what Barney was doing with his stogie while he should have been thinking about banking regulations.)

And the tidal wave of misery that is heading our way? Pull out a demographic chart and note the tsunami of baby boomers, that are getting ready to leave the land of tax payers and enter the realm of social security and medicare. They are relying on these benefits b/c rather than saving for their own golden years, they've been taxed their entire lives to pay for the socialist utopia envisioned by the enlightened liberals. The blame for the social hell that is right around the corner rests mainly with another of your stupid heroes - Franklin stinkin' Roosevelt, commie bastard. And don't let me forget to say almost 40 years after his death, "Hey, Hey LBJ. What's up with your "great society" today?"

And that sir is why liberal programs are hated and how they will affect my life - and yours, sucker. They never go away. They just get bigger, and Bigger, and BIGGER until like a cancer they suck dry an entire civilization. It has happened over and again throughout history. But some never learn. I guess you are looking forward to the United States going the way of the USSR? Cuba? Venezuela?

It's coming. And it's YOUR fault - not George Bush's. Wake up.

Susannah said...

Dan~ Yes, funny thing is, folks like him are still projecting it @ Bush, a la BHO. Monkey see, monkey do.

Sandy~ See? This is why this woman is one of my heroes! Rock on, sista! (When are you starting a blog?)

Joe said...

Toad734 chooses to start in the middle, instead of the beginning, either because he does not know any better or because he is deliberately trying to warp history.

Think 1977 Community Reinvestment Act, which eventually REQUIRED banks to make a very large quota of bad loans, promised to guarantee them and then reniged on that promise when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac began to fail under the weight of so many loan repayments.

Buck said...

Toad also left Mao off of the lefty hero list. And Hitler. They don't even know it, but they are reliving the Hitler model. Demonize anyone you don't like and confiscate their assets for redistribution - funny, weren't a lot of the Jews bankers? It's as plain as the wart on the Toad's face, but they're goose stepping right behind their fuhrer. Heil Obama!

A Wish Man said...

Where did this TOAD734 or TURD guy come from?
And how can we get rid of it?

ExPatMatt said...

I'm not quite getting what made you so angry in that article.

It seemed reasonable enough to me.

The main point that I saw was that Conservatives are better at politics in a capitalist society than liberals are. The author's contention was that this is because conservatives have a unilateral interest in maintaining the status quo of said capitalist system.

Is there something I'm missing here?

I'd very much appreciate someone clarifying this for me.


Frasypoo said...

I dont see why people still blame Bush for everything that is wrong.
Looking at the present scenario is very scary

Sandy said...

Ex Patt,

I'm not angry about the article. Fearful of its tone is more accurate.

We have this silver tongued president who dares say he is not a Socialist or a radical. But he has surrounded himself with radicals his entire life. He is filling his cabinet with radicals. He is aggressively pursuing a socialist agenda irregardless of what the American people want.

He is spending recklessly. Destroying our children's future. I would like to maintain some "hope" that I am wrong. That his intentions are not diametrically opposed to my view of the world. That there is some logic to this "change" that won't totally destroy my life and all that I've worked so hard to achieve.

But this article gives insight into how Socialists think. They will be "ruthless" towards all who disagree with their agenda. They will "behave extremely agressively towards their opponents." They will demonize members of an "affluent society for wanting to keep the privileges and lifestyles they enjoy." And they abhor the "preservation of the capitalist system."

That makes me fearful that Obama is a believer in this classic Socialist mantra. That he has no regard whatsover for people like me and he will gladly destroy the capitalist system. And he has done nothing to allay my fears.

Those opposed to him and his agenda are not a fringe minority. We are half of this great land. And we are being demonized and ignored. Thomas Jefferson said it best:

" All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which equal law must protect, and to violate would be oppression."

ExPatMatt said...


I think you need to calm down a little.

"He is aggressively pursuing a socialist agenda irregardless of what the American people want."

Is his agenda very different to the one he campaigned on? If not then over half of the American people agree with his direction. You may be part of the minority that lost in the last election and so you feel that he's not doing what you want, but 'you' does not equal 'The American People'. He's not doing what he's doing to 'destroy your way of life' he just has a different approach to finding solutions to today's problems.

"He is spending recklessly. Destroying our children's future."

Reckless spending by government is hardly anything new and the idea behind the current spending spree was to try and kick-start the economy back into growth again - it's nothing that McCain wouldn't have done if he'd won the Presidency. Do you disagree?

"But this article gives insight into how Socialists think. They will be "ruthless" towards all who disagree with their agenda. They will "behave extremely agressively towards their opponents." They will demonize members of an "affluent society for wanting to keep the privileges and lifestyles they enjoy." And they abhor the "preservation of the capitalist system."

This was the commentary of an economist working at the Times in London - it's his assessment of what is going on (or has been going on).

All of what you quoted here was his advice to Liberals/Progressives if they want to match the way Conservatives do politics because at the minute, Conservatives are better at politics precisely because they are ruthless and aggressive.
Look how much Bush did with the Congress/House he had compared with what Obama's done with his Congress/House. If Obama was as ruthless and aggressive as Bush then he'd have already passed the Healthcare Bill by now.

The problem, as the article said, is that Liberals are so busy trying to please everyone across such a range of topics that they aren't focused enough to be effective.

Whereas the Conservatives are focused on a few key things and that is a uniting (and strong) way to go about things.

"Those opposed to him and his agenda are not a fringe minority. We are half of this great land. And we are being demonized and ignored."

The same can be said of any losing group in any tight election in history. It's nothing to be frightened of. The pendulum of historical politics will swing your way again (maybe in 2012, maybe 2016) and it'll all start over again with the other side complaining about how they're being ignored; it's just the nature of the system.

/2 cents

Crucis said...

Stupid is as stupid does---particularly the London Times the the Brit Government. They now HAVE to preach that gov't spending will bring a nation out of a depression. To admit otherwise would give cause for people to gather around governmental buildings with torches, tar, pitch-forks (if that is still legal to own in the UK) and ropes.

I'm an Anglophile. My father was born in the UK, but it's past time for some Brit politicians to be removed from office. The Labour Party has destroyed the country. If there are any Brits left with a backbone, they'll read some history and see what some cousins did a couple of hundred years ago.

As far as Obama is concerned, he's a lame duck president as are the democrats.

Alisa Rosenbaum said...

@ExPatMatt -
"The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see."

Perhaps those who feared a young, charismatic, pipe-dream fellow named Adolf were told to 'calm down a little' also. History tells us that those who feared him were the intuitive ones, no?

"Run for your life from any man who tells you that money is evil. That sentence is the leper's bell of an approaching looter."

Since he stepped onto the scene, Mr. Obama has been decrying the evil of 'profits.' He began his looting when he took his oath of office. His Healthcare plan will be/would have been the ultimate rape and robbery of the American tax payer.

“One of the methods used by statists to destroy capitalism consists in establishing controls that tie a given industry hand and foot, making it unable to solve its problems, then declaring that freedom has failed and stronger controls are necessary."

Auto industry. Banking industry. Healthcare industry...need I say more regarding ruthless politics?

And just so you know, Mr. ExPatMatt, none of the above is what 'half' the American public put him into office to do.

"If men want to oppose war, it is 'statism' that they must oppose."

And oppose it we do. VA. NJ. MA. No one seems to be listening.

"Who is John Galt?"

I am willing to wager that Ms. Sandy can answer this question. Can you?

ExPatMatt said...

"As far as Obama is concerned, he's a lame duck president as are the democrats."

And yet, others here seem to think that Obama is bringing down the whole American way of life.

Funny how he can achieve both at the same time!

ExPatMatt said...

For the record, Crucic, I agree that the Labour Party has to go - I'm just not sure that there are any better replacements out there!

Sandy said...

Thanks for your 2 cents Matt! Different opinions are always interesting and good for the noodle.

Bush was overly aggressive about the war and I condemned him for that just as I condemn Obama for being overly aggressive about his social and economic agenda.

"He's not doing what he's doing to 'destroy your way of life' he just has a different approach to finding solutions to today's problems."

Ummmm, I disagree. If Obama has his way, who is going to pay for this health care bill? Not the poor. Not the unionized workers. Not government workers. Me. I'm going to pay for it. Just like I pay for everything. When the government proactively helps one group of citizens, it must hurt another group of citizens. There's no fair way to do that. That's why I'm a conservative. I believe the government should stay out of our lives and our pocket books and we should each succeed or fail based on our own efforts and abilities. The government should just help ensure an equal playing field.

It's not an equal playing field when the President's buddies don't have to pay their fair share. That is not the change that Obama campaigned on or the people hoped for. And that is why I will not calm down until Obama changes his tone or is sent home.

BB-Idaho said...

Clearly folks on the right do not like Obama. According to a poll of
2000 Republicans, they don't care much for anyone!
Sarah Palin 16%
Mitt Romney 11%
Dick Cheney 10%
Newt Gingrich 7%
Mike Huckabee 7%
Tim Pawlenty 3%
Ron Paul 2%
John Thune 2%
Undecided 42%
...of course its still early...

Susannah said...

Joe~ You're absolutely right. The first link in my answer to TOAD above is the post I did re: Community Reinvestment Act, etc. You hit the nail on the head!

Buck~ Interesting. Another person in this thread mentioned parallels to the erstwhile German furher...

AWM~ I think our friend TOAD came in for a drive-by; nothing else.

Matt~ Since I'm late in answering these comments (had Jury Duty), I trust that by now your question has been addressed? That you viewed the article as "reasonable enough" is indicative of the very reason we are getting more & more fearful - bec. well-reasoned people like yourself aren't seeing what's right in front of you.

Fras~ I still say it's great to have you back! Re: blaming Bush? One word: "scapegoat."

Sandy/Matt~ Very nice discussion. Sandy, the only thing that I would add is that I'm not 'fearful' that BHO is sympathetic to classic Socialist mantra, I know he is. And Matt, I'm not sure you mean to, but you seem just a bit patronizing of Sandy's concerns, thereby all of our concerns about our president. It's easy, I suppose, to take the position of 'calm down a little,' when it's not your country. And it supports my theory that people on the outside-looking-in just don't get it.

Crucis~ "They now HAVE to preach that gov't spending will bring a nation out of a depression."
It baffles me that thinking people would, for 1 second, think this is a good plan.

Alisa~ "The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see."
"Who is John Galt?"

BBI~ Interesting. You're right, that polling will change 50 times between now & the next time. It makes me wonder why polling like that is even done @ this time.

Thanks for the nice discussion all. Come back soon!

Toad734 said...


The repeal of Glass Steagall was signed in 2000 by outgoing, impeached president who would have once again been attacked for being partisan if he didn't sign the republican congress backed bill that repealed Glass Steagall. Yes, Clinton shouldn't have signed it but the right would have probably cut his wank off if he didn't.

So, who sponsored the bill that repealed parts of Glass Steagall??
Phil Gramm (Republican TX),Jim Leach (Republican IA)and Thomas Bliley (Republican VA)hence the Gramm-Leach-Bliley act. You're welcome!

And no, Stalin isn't a hero to anyone on the left, unlike Hitler is a hero to many on the far right. I didn't leave them off the list, they were never on that list.

And thanks for pointing out that the rich should be paying the same amount of SS taxes that I pay. Its a regressive tax which needs to be a progressive tax. Finally, a conservative who agrees that the rich need to pay more taxes!


You don't know me, what anger would you be referring to? Facts dont equal anger even if you disagree with those facts.

Toad734 said...


No, I didn't go back and read the last 2 years of your blog in order to comment on your one post. Your posts should be able to stand alone and shouldn't require a back drop and a back story to make sense to the casual reader. You know, when I hear the reporters talking about Dwight Feeneys ankle, they never just say, his ankle may get better, they always make a point to present the whole story by saying when he sprang it and how and what he is doing for his recovery...Just a tip.

You can read what I wrote about Gramm-Leach-Bliley before you go on to blame Clinton for this mess. You can also thank Bush for signing this:American Dream Downpayment Act of 2003

I thought you were attacking "socialist" Europe as whole with their low crime rates, high infant mortality rates, high life expectancies, low murder rates, valuable currency, health care for all, low gun ownership, high rates of education, etc. for being crazy Stalinists who "just don't get it" and or "git er dun"...Not the media directly. However, their press is probably more free than ours and that post was hardly extremist and very spot on. Its the corporate controlled right wing media in this country which covers up and suppress articles like these. You would never find that on the Faux news channel... Well, you won't find the truth or the news on there so I guess that goes without saying.

E. You are being lied to. No one will force you to change your insurance (although they should). Independent agencies agree that his plan will reduce the deficit..How could it not? Isn't the capitalistic theme: Competition is good and more competition means lower prices? Duh. Now if you really want to lower cost, you could eliminate 30% of our health care bills today by eliminating all that overhead of each insurance company by going to a single payer system. Unfortunately the Dems are too big of a bunch of pussies to do that and now its too late. By the way, you already pay for other peoples health care. Everytime a gangbanger gets shot in a drug deal and goes to the ER, you pay for it. Every time an addict overdoses, you pay for it. Stop pretending you aren't already paying someone elses health care bills. Under Obamas plan, now that cost wont get passed on to the hospitals and a lot of those people can get treatment before they have to get to the more expensive ER and they will be insured.

F: Iraq HAD nothing to do with terrorism before Bush stumbled in there and created an entirely new breed to terrorists. It is no coincidence that the years Bush was President, worldwide and American deaths from terrorism have never been higher. Bush created terror. Sure, we now have to deal with it but stop pretending that stupid photoshopped "Bush Kills Terrorist Dead" had even a shred of validity to it.

With the heroes thing I just merely pointed out, with the few exceptions such as the Stalins of the world, the conservatives at the time were generally on the wrong side of the issue, just as they are today on war, terrorism, economics, trade, race, sexuality, freedom,immigration, etc.

Toad734 said...

That would be low infant mortality rates in Europe...High rate of survival, low rate of mortality. Sometimes I write too fast.

I should also add their high rate of doctors, nurses (the US has a nurse shortage), low cost of prescription drugs (we pay 50% more than other countries)

Sandy said...

Hey Tadpole,

You can try all you like to twist your way out of it but you can't change the fact that Clinton signed the repeal. It sucks doesn't it when the FACTS just aren't on your side?

And you can try that old liberal line of "no liberal ever SAID they admired Stalin or Hitler". But dude, actions speak louder than words. And I stick by my point that far-left progressives behave precisely like Hitler and Stalin in many ways. Demonizing and stifling opposing ideas, ruthlessly confiscating assets, etc., etc. Last I checked, no Conservatives were into redistribution.

Your interpretation of my ideas on taxation are mere projection. Actually, I believe that FICA is the only fair tax in the land. And the only tax increase that I will ever support is a national consumption tax where the poor have to ante up and pay their fair share too. It is a crock of B.S. that half the people in this country don't pay any tax at all then get "tax refunds". Such a great example of liberal B.S. Obama and his merry band use the term "tax refund" when referring to redistribution and welfare b/c they know it would enrage tax payers to call it what it really is.

What are you complaining about anyway? I though garbage men in Illinois were unionized. Soon you won't be paying any taxes anyway.

Buck Ofama said...

Perhaps Toad missed the news today that Greece is about to default on its debt. And Spain and Portugal are right behind them. The other EU members are forced to bail them out or the euro will be destroyed. All they ask is that Greece get their budget under control. But, oh, wait. All those Socialist Greek government workers say they will strike if their benefits are cut. So the EU is faced with possible civil unrest or possible destruction of its currency. Yeah, I can't wait to be just like good 'ol Europe. Another fine example of Socialism at work.

Susannah, your blog is the best!

Susannah said...

TOAD~ You're right. One shouldn't have to read an entire archive to comment at a blog post. However, if one proceeds in making incendiary, sweeping generalizations & inflamatory, charicature assumptions during one's virgin voyage, one might wish to get the lay of that blog-land first, so as not to make an a$$ of oneself...Just a tip.

a) "I do believe that the Bush Admin. had a lot to do w/ fiscal irresponsibility on the Fed. g'ment side, but the financial collapse had a LOT more to do w/ what Admin. before his did."
Just so you know, all the Admin. before Bush, not just Clinton. Don't believe I mentioned Slick Willie at all...

Re: Socialist Europe. Want me to help you pack, Toad?

e) Obamacare: See link provided in earlier comment, and the comments at those posts. We had a very lively discussion re: all you've brought up. And no, I'm not being lied to...unless the verbage of the Bill itself lies from the page.

f) Iraq & Terrorism. 2 questions: Is the world better off w/out Sadaam Hussein? Did we suffer even ONE terrorist attack after 9-11 under Bush's watch?

Sorry TOAD, but to say 'Bush created terrorism' reveals the depth of your ignorance of world affairs & history related to radical Islam; and- sorry -but your anger, too. Score another for Dan.

Crucis said...

Buck, yesterday the currency traders began to dump the Euro and buying US Dollars. It was the biggest exchange shift since the creation of the Euro a few years ago. The US Dollar, weakened as it is, still has the reputation of the US economy behind it. The surge started with the seating of Scott Brown. The market knows when to buy and when to sell. The surge is still continuing this morning as well.

Susannah said...

Sandy~ I stick by your point, too.

Buck~ Greece going bankrupt? That's where we're headed, too. Heaven help us! It's time to turn the Titanic around...In the mean time, wanna join me in helping TOAD pack for his move to Europe?

Thanks for the compliment, btw.

Susannah said...

Crucis~ Very good observation. The Market has a wisdom all its own, doesn't it (as do the People)? Thanks!

Toad734 said...


Sure, because the right (Oreilly, Limbaugh, Hannity, Cheney, Coulter) has never Demonized the left... Good one.

Conservatives aren't into redistribution?? Is that supposed to be funny? Since the great depression there had never been a larger transfer of wealth that happened in the Reagan years and then once again in the 2000s when Bush became president. The middle class and poor lost their wealth and the top 1% more than doubled theirs. That is the reality behind trickle up economics.

And lets not forget about my wealth going to red state farming COops and companies like ADM, Exxon, Phillip Morris, Michelle Bachman (yes she has received over a qarter million dollars in agricultural subsidies from the federal government etc.

When you pull funding out of social services, lower the taxes on the rich, send the poor off to fight wars which usually takes the main bread winner out of the family, wars in which your rich TX constituent companies such as Exxon and Halliburton profit, that is wealth distribution. Stalin couldn't have engineered such a plan if he tried.

Although I disagree with child tax credits for anyone, rich or poor or any tax credits to people who don't pay taxes, stop pretending that the only people who got tax breaks from Obama were the poor and stop pretending that the poor don't pay taxes or even federal taxes. They still pay gas taxes, alcohol taxes (over 40% of the cost of beer is taxes), cigarette taxes, sales taxes, etc.

The working poor actually pay a much higher tax rate than the rich. And as I pointed out before, the working poor and middle class pay far more in Social security taxes than the rich do with this regressive tax rate.

And stop pretending its great to be poor and their lives are so easy. If its so great and easy and you are so jealous of them, why don't you go try living in the projects or a shack in the mountains or in a place like North Charleston, SC or Gary, IN and tell me how much of a free ride it is and what a great life they they have.

If you wouldn't have supported union busting and outsourcing maybe they could get a job. If Bush would have done anything about the borders maybe picking strawberries would pay more than $3 per hour and Americans could do those jobs.


The entire worlds economy was and is in the threat of collapse, not because of Unions. Unions have been around all throughout the 20th century and the greatest decades of this country. Unions made the middle class and made America the best country in the world. Sending our jobs to China has allowed China to take our place.

The economies of the world are collapsing due to the repeal of depression era and S&L era rules an unrestricted free market where bankers were allowed to count debt as profit. Not a policeman being paid 40k per year.

Toad734 said...


Bush didn't invent terrorism but he created a lot of terrorists.

First off, 3000 dead on 9/11 is not a good record even if another 9/11 type disaster didn't happen again on his watch but that being said, you are wrong. We were attacked after 9/11, first with Anthrax on US soil and of course the US Consulate was attacked in Calcutta in 2002,Car bombing in Karachi outside the US Consulate and Marriott Hotel in 2003, The truck bomb attack in Riyadh on American workers in 2003, Bombing of UN HQ in Iraq as well as all the other terrorism at US targets in Iraq, etc.

So even if there hadn't been any attacks after 9/11, 9/11 is about as big as you can get considering they ignored intelligence they had a month prior to it happening and it could have been prevented. But as I pointed out, that was far from the last act of terrorism directed against the US.

By the way, in Obama's first year, how many successful terrorist attacks has there been on America?? I think we all know who has the edge there.

You still have yet to tell me how "Obamacare" ruins your life in any way.

Toad734 said...


Lets not forget who handed out 700 billion in October of 2008 with no strings attached to the richest people in the world. Hint: He was white and his name wasn't Obama.

That was my money!

Talk about wealth redistribution.

Crucis said...

"Hint: He was white and his name wasn't Obama."

Toad, you're right. His name was Harry Reid and he was abetted by another non-white by the name of Nancy Pelosi. The House proposes and the Senate disposes.

Buck said...

I never mentioned unions. The world economy is still on the brink. Did credit default swaps play a major role? Of course. But there would be no credit and hence no default risk to swap if citizens weren't encouraged to live beyond their means on credit. And you can't blame banks for the insolvency of bloated, corrupt, and greedy central governments - it really makes no difference whether the borrowed money goes to the big businesses run by the buddies of corrupt republicans or the big businesses/unions/demographic groups that are buddies with corrupt democrats. But your hero Obama is trying to blame everything on the bankers and the republicans and it is a false and deceptive over-simplification of the problem. But hey, you and yours are buying it, so it is obviously a good political strategy.