Friday, February 5, 2010

Snow Ride!

For those who may not know, we in the South have just had one of the biggest 'snow events' of the past decade. It started last Friday, & yielded 3 days off from school.

As I sit & type, we're having another 'winter weather event,' but this time it's rain/sleet/snow. Not nearly as much fun; keeping fingers crossed that we keep power.

And for those wondering (as my husband's Facebook friends did) this adorable child's mother is not crushing her. We're riding like this to protect her from on-coming mailboxes!

Note the tagalong, Otis. Unfortunately for him, this sled doesn't stop for hitch-hikers!

If you're having snow, stay warm. Be safe. Have FUN!



Sandy said...


Crucis said...

The storm now aimed at DC bypassed KC yesterday. The followup, however, is really dumping on us. It started snowing a bit before noon---big fat, slushy flakes. Now, two hours later, we've five inches on our deck and it's still snowing.

I took some early photos at 11:30AM and I'll take some more later for a "before and after" series. We got 9-13" on Christmas. This promises to be as much.

Joe said...

I lived in San Antonio when I was eight years old and we had snow. In Warner Robins, GA we had snow when I was in high school.

DUTA said...

Perhaps the dog thinks she is crushing the child and that's why he's chasing the two to make the ride stop.

Z said...

Looks like you're going FAST! and FUN!
Stay warm and safe, Susannah!
We've got more rain here in California than we've had in years....
It all must be global warming :-)

Susannah said...

Sandy~ Yee-hah is RIGHT! ;)

Crucis~ You're in a BLIZZARD! Will you post your pics? Would LOVE to see them!

Joe~ My parents grew up in SC, & only saw snow once as kids. I can't imagine!!

DUTA! It's funny you say that, because the 'ride' before this, Otis was in front of the sled, & we almost ran over him!! This time, he stayed to the side, as not to get himself squished!

Z~ Yeah, global warming, alright...We've got flurries today, even. It was fast & fun! The boys were on another hill in our neighbors back yard: steeper, faster & like an obstacle course w/ trees!!! That I couldn't watch...

Crucis said...

Susannah, it wasn't a blizzard this time. The one on Christmas was a blizzard!

This was fat, wet, fluffy flakes so heavy they made a "thud" when they landed on the deck. They were so heavy they caused the bottom layers to compact. The snow was 6" or more on the flat railing on our deck. An hour later, it had compacted to about 5" and it was still snowing.

This morning, the streets are clear and mostly dry. The temps have been hovering around 32 degrees. You can hear large clumps falling off the trees and more "thuds" when they land. I expect a goodly portion will be melted by Sunday afternoon---when the next wave is due to arrive.

Susannah said...

Crucis~ It's Sunday now...Super Bowl is it snowing where you are yet? ;)

Crucis said...

I saw this a bit late. It started in late afternoon. This morning it appears we got another 5-7". The temp is around freezing so it won't stay long but more snow is predicted throughout today for another 3-4". I thing the monthly snow total is above 15". Double that since Christmas.

There's another round due Thursday.