Sunday, March 21, 2010

We've been - I'm sorry - Screwed.

God in heaven, help us. God help us.

219 Democrats in the House of Representatives just passed Obamacare. 219 Democrats took it upon themselves to change the fabric of my country - against the will of 200 Million American citizens; a change that involves 1/6 of our nation's economy, a change that inserts the Government into the most private, personal, intimate areas of our lives, a change that begins the washing away of our Republic & the ushering in of Marxism. (And don't kid yourselves, for that's EXACTLY what this does.)

Mark my words. Next on the list (in the name of tolerance, of course): Sharia law.
It'll come incrementally, tiptoe-ing through our courts. It'll slither up beside us (Terror trials in civilian courts? Gitmo transfers? Honor killings, anyone? Anyone??) & before we know it, it'll be another entitlement, as our country slides further into the abyss. God help us.

Found this video @ Joe's blog. Take a moment to watch - this guy expresses my sentiments, & maybe yours. (Sorry: technical difficulty; could only get code for link, not video.)

Have we awoken from our complacent slumber yet, my friends?

Don't tread on me.



Janie Lynn said...

And now they're all out there patting themselves on the back. I swear some of them believe what they're saying too. So incredibly sad.

bluepitbull said...

Let us not forget, Susannah, the grim resolve of freedom lovers here.

They cajoled the votes out of less than scrupulous people. It ain't over, not by a longshot.

There are still lawsuits that have already been filed, and barring that, there is November.

Keep your head up.

Anonymous said...

For now, yeah, we're screwed. But everything the leftwigs screw up, we can unscrew once we regain control. The key here is that the will of the people (the majority) has clearly been violated, which gives us a firm rallying point. (1) we get rid of the libkooks who voted for this train wreck. (2) we make it impossible for these arrogant thieves to ever rob our freedoms to this degree again.

Then, we clean up the mess and reintroduce a free market that employs people and manufactures things that will sell.

No more calling financial services "products" as if they're built by someone. They're not. They're a paperwork scheme that generates an income for people who do not work to earn it. Once we again understand the difference between products and services, we can then build a production-based economy. This forces the non-producers into the light of day and exposes those (relatively few and mostly politicians) who capitalize on a weak economy.

It can be done, but it takes work. Now the health care train wreck has given us a focal point from which to begin that work.

Signed, Mr. Glass-half-full

Susannah said...

Okay, I can go to bed now. You people have lifted my spirits.

JL~ I'm so glad to know you're out there. Hang tough, sister!

Bluepit~ You bring a smile to my face. And you're right, it ain't over. When I walk out into my day tomorrow with my head up, shoulders squared, I'll think you you, my friend.

RWL~ So glad to hear from you. Been missing you. Beautiful observation re: rallying point. My kids will be w/ me on 4-15 @ our next tea party.

Thank you so much for coming by tonight, all, & commenting. Rest well.

We were born to such a time as this. So it begins.

Anonymous said...

The movement to retake America has begun.

Susannah said...

oops! no link last time...

David Horowitz Obamacare Bill: A Declaration of War


ExPatMatt said...

"against the will of 200 million American citizens"

Is that really the level of opposition to the healthcare bill? Wow! Do you have a source for that?

Didn't some Republicans also vote for the bill, BTW? Surely you should be more mad at them?

And I'm not sure that providing coverage for 30+m Americans is in any way a prelude to allowing Sharia Law to take root.

It snuck in through the back door in the UK because the politicians were too chicken-sh1t to potentially 'offend' the delicate sensibilities of the Islamic nutjobs who wanted it - but that is an issue far removed from healthcare reform, isn't it?


Susannah said...

Matt~ A source? Sure - did a quick google search for % disapproval of healthcare bill, & this was the first thing I found . I'd heard/read that disapproval was @ 60% @ one time.

Thus: 315,000,000 X 0.60 = (roughly) 200,000,000.
Simple. And factual, in poll after poll. Check for yourself.

Re: Republicans' voting in favor of this bill?? Matt, darlin', you really ain't from 'round here, are ya?

Here's the roll call of votes . Republican names are italicized . Note that there are none in the 'yea' column.

Take care, Matt. Glad to see you.

Susannah said...

Matt~ And as for Sharia law..."because the politicians were too chicken-sh1t to potentially 'offend' the delicate sensibilities of the Islamic nutjobs..."

Ahem. Yes. Couldn't have said it better myself.

David Wyatt said...


Just wanted to drop by & thank you for your blog. Yesterday reminded me of the stealing of Naboth's vineyard (USA) by Jezebel (Pelosi) for Ahab (BHO). I suppose you remember what happened to them! God Bless.

Jim said...

What your article doesn't include is the fact that 13 of the 60% who don't favor the bill are opposed because it's NOT LIBERAL ENOUGH. That would mean 47% think it's a socialist takeover and 53% don't.

It's true no Republicans voted for the bill. They lost.

ExPatMatt said...

Thanks Susannah,

That poll makes for some interesting reading. Are these polls typically only conducted with a sample size of around 900? It seems like a very small sample for such a populous country!

But yeah, support for the bill does seem to have been a fair bit lower than 50% which surprises me considering BO was elected on a platform that included healthcare reform.

Jim has a good point though - the reasons why this bill has been opposed by each side of the argument do make a difference.

And no, I'm not from 'round here... :)

Susannah said...

David! So glad to see you again! For those who don't know the story to which DW is referring, it can be found here: I Kings 21 .

Yep DW, I think their fate went something like this: God said, "I will bring disaster upon you..."

Very interesting connection you've made...Great to see you - come on back soon.

Susannah said...

Jim dear & Matt~
What I said was,
"219 Democrats took it upon themselves to change the fabric of my country - against the will of 200 Million American citizens"

Matters noy what side of the 'fence' the 200 mil. fall. (Stats would tell us those who don't think it was communist enough fall somewhere in the 1-5%tile. The 'bell curve' is where most people live. And I'm not convinced the 1-5% can be included, b/c like Kucinich - feigning disapproval is an artifact to the stats).

That aside, the FACT remains that 219 Democrats didn't bother listening or acknowledging ANYONE other than themselves. Certainly not the People's will.

Matt~ Hussein Obama was not elected on health care. He was elected on fantasy, smoke & mirrors.

"And no, I'm not from 'round here... :)" I know, I was teasing you.

ExPatMatt said...

"And no, I'm not from 'round here... :)" <----- smiley face!

Given that BO has signed in the healthcare bill - what do you envision happening now, over - say - the next 12 months?


ExPatMatt said...


Would you say that this article gives a fair overview of the healthcare plan?

If not, could link me to a better one? Just trying to keep on top of things here!

Susannah said...

Matt~ I'm reading the article you suggested. I think I'll respond to this question in my next post. If I do, I'll be sure & credit you for the inspiration. Thnx.

Susannah said...

Matt~ Just so you know...I'm also getting my family ready for a week-long trip for Spring Break (therefore weak on time & brain power while I get all loose ends tied: school, laundry, house, mail, bills, etc.). My response may have to wait a bit.

ExPatMatt said...


No worries at all; have a great trip!!


Jim said...

219 Democrats took it upon themselves to change the fabric of my country - against the will of 200 Million American citizens.

Everyone of those 219 Democrats was voted into office BY the will of 200 million American citizens. Opinions ebb and flow between elections, and if Americans don't like who they voted in in 2008, they are free to vote them out in 2010.

THAT is the "fabric of my country." Elections have consequences and 219 Democrats did what they were elected to do despite the fearmongering and lying done by health care reform opponents. And now the imperfect is law. And now maybe with some bi-partisan cooperation, Democrats and Republicans can actually work together to make a good law better.

Or Republicans can run on repealing no recissions, no caps, no denials, no pre-existing conditions, closing the donut hole, allowing children under 26 to remain on their parents' policy.

Which one should be repealed first?

Susannah said...

Oh Jim dear~ Your response is inappropriate on so many levels, it's hard to know where to start. First, your song & dance of 'vote somebody else in next time' is really dull these days. AND if you bother to read past the first sentence of my post, you'll note that I specifically state HOW the Dems are screwing (sorry, still angry) w/ the fabric of my country, which has nothing to do w/ who elects whom, & when.

Yes, of course, congress was elected - but ever since Hussein took office, the People have en masse been demanding, screaming, INSISTING for their REPRESENTATIVES - you know, the people they sent to DC to REPRESENT THEIR INTERESTS, the ones who're supposed to do 'what they were elected to do' - NOT to do this. They have ignored those who elected them. They have ignored the Townhall meetings, the demonstrations, phone calls, emails, advertisements, personal visits; they have belittled, besmirched, ridiculed their constituents ('teabaggers' ring a bell?), all in an effort to discount their voice & deny them a say in their own government. THAT is supposed to be the fabric of my country, & they are systematically destroying it. Using a 'budget reconciliation' rule to pass the most massive POLICY bill in 4 decades, just so they could slip it past on a 'simply majority.' It is an absolute outrage.

Susannah said...

And, Jim dear, I haven't even addressed how silly & flaccid your defense sounds, standing next to what the foundation of our Republic! What congress did, in it's totality, is indefensible.

Of course, the "fabric" to which I was referring was what I've blogged about ever since I started: Capitalism , anti-socialism , morality , Hussein's islamoschmoozing ,etc.

Don't even get me started on our brand new approach to Israel. God in heaven help us. This president is destroying MY country, & taking us with him.

Susannah said...

Matt~ Respectfully, but quickly...

Your article is quoted in italics :

Although the insurance industry is facing tighter regulation, there will be potentially millions of new customers. No. Private insurers will be wiped out, b/c businesses will find it cheaper to pay g'vt fines than to provide insurance for their employees. People will drop off private ins. rolls faster than flies off vinegar. Their only other option, since they're REQUIRED TO BUY ins? You guessed it - Hussein's plan. This doesn't even consider the jobs lost due to ins. comp. going bankrupt. Nor does it consider companies who do choose to offer ins. that will lay off/fire employees due to the cost-prohibitive, punitive nature of this law.

And the final bill does not create what was initially proposed - a government-run scheme that would compete with private insurers. NO. This is EXACTLY what it creates. See above.

More people with coverage means more able to pay for their hospital treatment, visits to their doctors, and prescription drugs - a potential boon for hospitals and drug companies. Are you KIDDING me? NO! More people on insurance means more people on G'vt insur., which will pay LESS to hospitals/doctors (currently pay roughly 60% on dollar). The gov't will have the monopoly of 'third party payers,' & therefore will be able to DICTATE how much med. svcs/drugs will cost. Eventually, they'll be the SINLGE payer, see?

What your article DOESN'T tell you that Medicare recipients are those who're "stand to lose out." THEY have been paying medicare tax most of their working lives, & will now bear the burden of REDUCED services (that they've already paid for). The first $500 Bln is coming out of the current MEDICARE BUDGET. So, you pay for something all your life, & when it's your turn to reap the benefits, your services are stolen from you. How's that for g'ment at its finest?

Also, this neat little article doesn't tell you that MOST of America's uninsured are so by CHOICE: think burly 25 year old w/ no health problems, & forsees none, would rather spend his $ on beer & girls than something as useless as health insurance. Or the fully employed young woman who'd rather spend her $ on her next nail appt. than give $75 out of each check to pay for her employer's plan.

And that the 50 mln uninsured is a tally that includes ILLEGALS, who are - well- illegal & should not count! Yet Hussein repeatedly includes them...which tells you where he's going with this...

Also, your article does not address the liberties that have been destroyed by this. And I guess it was written too soon to include the Dems subsidizing viagra for child molesters .

You asked for a source that examines the bill. The best source that I trust, that I've found (in my limited time lately) is Charles Krauthammer's column from this morning. He is a conservative columnist, journalist, MD, who is very measured in his assessment of issues. Brilliant man. I've written of him before (see labels for more).

Anyway, thanks for th question, the article & the well wishes for our trip. I simply MUST go pack now!

Jim said...

Ex, if you didn't know already, Krauthammer is an Obama bashing ideologue who has opinions (who hasn't?) with little to back them up. So you might want to keep that in mind if you choose to read that "source."

Susannah refers to "Hussein's plan". Of course there is no such plan because there is no public option. There are ONLY private insurance companies or Medicare and Tricare if you are eligible for them. Anyone eligible for these programs will GLADLY choose them.

And the final bill does not create what was initially proposed - a government-run scheme that would compete with private insurers. "NO. This is EXACTLY what it creates. See above."

Susannah apparently only listens to Krauthammer and Fox News. Otherwise she would know that your statement is 100% true. THERE IS NO PUBLIC OPTION.

NO! More people on insurance means more people on G'vt insur Again, Fox un-News. Not true.

Susannah also doesn't know that HCR doesn't cut Medicare to seniors by $500 billion. It's reduces funding of Medicare Advantage programs by that amount. This is something that Congress has been trying to do since the 90s (when Newt Gingrich was speaker). According to this article these plans pay on average $50,000 MORE per person than they pay into the program (contrary to what Susannah is claiming here). Read the article. It's enlightening.

this neat little article doesn't tell you that MOST of America's uninsured are so by CHOICE

Susannah doesn't tell you where she got this "information" because it's not true. The majority of people without insurance aren't poor enough to get subsidized insurance or wealthy enough to afford it. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the "burly 25-year-old" idea is a myth. "KFF reports that many young people lack insurance because it’s not available to them, and people who turn down available insurance tend to be in worse health, not better, according to the Institute of Medicine".

And I guess it was written too soon to include the Dems subsidizing viagra for child molesters .

Susannah doesn't tell you that this is a slanderous trick created by the Republicans to try to block health care reform and slander Democrats in the coming election. Senator Coburn proposed this amendment to try to get the bill changed in order to cause further delays, but Susannah doesn't tell you that Senator Coburn didn't write this language in HIS OWN health care proposal. He just put it into this for the above reasons. Dems didn't vote to fund Viagra; they voted to get health care reform done.