Monday, June 28, 2010

Wait for the trailer!

We're trapped in the screening room and we can't get out...

Can we boycott Hollywood now??
curtsy to Mr. Susannah


bluepitbull said...

OK, that was funny. You think "bite me" will call him a smartass?

Anonymous said...

No he is just a ass.

Susannah said...

BP! Ha! I'm w/ Fuzz on this one...subtract the 'smart.'

Fuzz~ Clever.

Z said...

oh, SUSANNAH, that is AWFUL!!
(i love it :-) hee hee!!

tha malcontent said...

Have a great holiday my good friend

Susannah said...

Z! I thought it was funny, too. I guess that's why my sweetheart emailed it around... ;)

Mal! What a nice comment to read today! Thanks so much!

Happy Independence Day, all!