Friday, June 25, 2010

Update: Peggy West object lesson.

Shortly after this went viral on the web, someone became very embarassed, I mean filed a copyright claim & blocked the video. Sorry. Too late...

You know what they say, "Fool's names & fool's faces often appear in fool places..."

Video is now view-able from an alternative source below:

Democrat County Supervisor Peggy West of Milwaukee is proud to be the "first Latino/Hispanic American to be elected to the Milwaukee County Board".

She boasts strong advocacy for the City of Milwaukee to boycott Arizona over SB1070 and demonstrates the kind of intelligence some have come to expect from pro-illegal alien advocates (& politicians).

Debating a measure to boycott Arizona, she asserts a tortured, knowledge of US geography.

Can we see a copy of her GED? Please?

Oh. My. Word.


LL said...

How could she be more ignorant? More foolish?

One thing is for sure, she's made herself and her county the laughing stock of the entire nation.

I'm waiting for her to voice her concerns that Guam will capsize the way Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) did.

USA_Admiral said...

When stupidity becomes the norm can total enslavement be far off?

Anonymous said...

A product of the teachers union and thier dumbing down of education.

DUTA said...

When politics combines with lack of education - only the worst is to be expected.

Susannah said...

LL~ Ignorant & foolish, for sure. Ignorant in that she missed basic US geography in 5th grade...foolish in that she's listening to the Left's mantra "illegals good, Americans bad." *ugh*

Thanks for stopping by!

USA~ Enslavement by choice for some, perhaps...but over this woman's cold, dead body...Heaven help us.

Glad to see you again!

Fuzz~ Teacher's unions, indeed. I say get rid of them once & for all...

Duta~ You're right. And of course it's horribly embarassing to the rest of us...Good grief!

Z said...

oooooooo, and now the video says it can't be played because of copyright reasons. Oh, YA? How much did this woman pay for THAT?!!

I did see this, however, it was emailed to me the other day and it's astonishing and yes, just what we should expect! Hilarious...

USAADMIRAL's remark scared me....he's so right.

Fredd said...

Peggy West has the intellect of Albert Einstein compared to Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, (D-Tx), who represents the dumbest of dumb Houstonians who put her into office.

Recall, when the Mars rovers were taking pictures of the rocks named "Yogi", Congresswoman Jackson asked "can you get them to take pictures of the lunar landing craft?" Uh, duh, Sheila, you have to be dumber than a sack of potatos to make that statement.

ExPatMatt said...

Fuzzys dad,

"A product of the teachers union and thier dumbing down of education."

I think there's an internet rule about how any criticism of grammar, spelling and/or levels of education will always contain at least one grammar/spelling mistake.


I'll watch the video later - sounds like a shocker...

Dan said...

The important thing, Susannah, is does she know how to spell potato?

The video has been taken down. I'm not one to jump to conclusions but this does seem to be happening a lot lately.

Susannah said...

Z~ " the video says it can't be played because of copyright reasons...How much did this woman pay for THAT?!!

Apparently not enough! It's viral now. Mr. Sus found another source & I've reposted the video. Watch & prepare to sigh...

Fredd~ I wonder, though, can one even measure the intelligence quotient of potatoes?

Matt~ Touche, my friend. However, I don't think Fuzz was in front of a microphone lambasting Spelling Bee officials, do you?

Dan~ Welcome back! Yes, let's keep first things first, shall we? Like, can she SPELL Arizona? Oh, & funny thing about the internet...once it's out there, it's OUT THERE!

Check out the new post & see the clip.

Take care, all~