Thursday, July 15, 2010

(Anti)apology tour at Joe's

Hi friends~

Something has been niggling at the back of my brain...A few weeks ago @ Joe’s blog, he was entertaining a lively discussion about AZ Senator Jon Kyl’s visit w/ president BHO. Joe expressed his exasperated opinion about BHO’s political chicanery, and I agreed by quoting Joe in my comment. One would think that would be that. Well, no.

See, bloggers who’ve read any of my stuff, know my Christian world-view. I’m quite clear about it, & don’t even hint at apology (I hope). Sure, there are mockers & scoffers, etc. Only in Joe’s spirited discussion, one of the former fashioned her mockery into a weapon. She tried using my faith against me - to neutralize my ability to take a passionate stance on the issue of the day.

Were I younger, more naïve & eager to please, I might have acquiesced to the guilt laid upon me, apologized & hoped we could be more amicable. But not now, with the benefit of a bit of age under my belt, & just a smidge more maturity than I had @ 17. Or 23.

So, nothing-doing this time…The following is what happened (It’s what I’ve come to, & it might be just a little dangerous. But hey, ‘danger’ sounds like a nice middle name; he## of a lot better than ‘politically correct’):

I don't think "heaven" listens to people with such mean-spirited hearts and who denigrate God's creations.Whether you like it or not, Miss Susannah, Mr. Obama is God's creation. How loving of you to trash His creation from the bottom of your loving Christian heart. LOL!

My response:
Interesting, Joe. Some folks don't understand that being a Christian does not neuter one's ability to make assessments of character based on observable fact; that discerning character is neither an attempt to judge/condemn one of "God's creations", nor does it "denigrate" or "trash" the soul of said creation. It's simple honesty.

Folks like our friend here would rather Christians be weak, flaccid, impotent wimps who won't speak the truth for fear of being criticized or disliked. They'd rather we just shut up & go to church, or something.

Sorry, but there's a guy I've read about who made a big mess out of a Temple when he saw people doing wrong, & screamed at people - calling them what they were - when they made a mockery of Truth.

Call me crazy, but I'm guessing people wanted Him to shut up & go read the Torah or something. I'm also betting that Heaven was indeed listening that day - with a keen ear - and rejoicing.

And you know...I'm hoping against hope...I wanna be like that guy.


Some day I want to be more like Jesus; more willing to act with a mind for defending Truth over defending my ego, with a heart for seeking Justice instead of self-preservation.

Folks can try as they might, pushing us back against the wall of complacent Christianity, but for those of us who are no longer wallflower Christians, there’s no turning back. And there will be no apology, either.



Joe said...

It is time that we STOP apologizing for taking a stand just because we are Christian.

The result of Christians letting folks run over them in the name of "religious politeness" has been horriffic, at best.

Whenever the political arena opposes the very principles of Christ's righteousness (as opposed to what we WISH passed as righteousness from ourselves) we need to stand up and yell, "ENOUGH!!"

You do that very well.

Susannah said...

Enough? Yes, indeed, my friend.

Thanks for your encouragement, Joe. Thankfully, we're all in this together. It's time we realized that, no?

Fredd said...

Ah, the ever present squabbling with leftists. Nobody is ever persuaded, nobody agrees with each other, and nothing is accomplished.

Dumb' ol' Fredd can get baited into a 'discussion' with a liberal from time to time, but I try to avoid reasoning with them, because they can't see reason. They argue from emotion, and the day is never won against such a position.

Suggestion: leave them to their false Utopian visions, their foolish socialist beliefs and their delusions of reality. Defeat them at the ballot box, but trying to convince them of their folly is folly unto itself. In the long run, their foolish positions will be exposed as the garbage that we all see today.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Good for you Susannah! We don’t “age”, we grow wiser!! I call these lines around my eyes and mouth my WISDOM lines and I wear them with pride.

About “assessing” other humans, I was always taught that in order to protect ourselves from “evil” and “bad” people we MUST assess others and their character. This doesn’t mean we are better or stuck up or any such nonsense. It is just a method to ensure our emotional and sometimes our physical safety.

ablur said...

I get tired of being told that I should simply turn the other cheek. My Lord fashioned a whip and chased people from the temple. In his day that would be a pretty strong weapon.

We as Christians shouldn't be afraid to take on a battle for there is a time for all things under heaven.

tha malcontent said...
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tha malcontent said...
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tha malcontent said...

You are exactly right Susannah, People like Miss Shaw Kenawe say DUMB things all the time to defend Obama. But they are SO fast to Blame Bush even 18 months after he's no longer in office.
But why should I be surprised, she is still Blaming Reagan.
They'll jump all over any and every Conservative for ANYTHING he or she does and when Barack does the same thing, they defend his ass to the hilt!

No wonder he hasn't been able to bring people together. He's lied to us constantly. The only thing transparent about him and his administration is their pathological lies!
And treats these terrorist murderers as though they just robbed a convenience store. And then you hear/read these "Progressives" and they say Sarah Palin a "quitter" and is not qualified. This is the same arrogant putz that gave himself a B+ for his first year? Well it looks like that B+ has "changed" along with his "hope"

Susannah said...

Fredd! Glad to see you back.
"Dumb' ol' Fredd can get baited into a 'discussion' with a liberal from time to time"
Me too, esp. when someone comes out of nowhere & tries to level me...ah well.

"their foolish positions will be exposed as the garbage that we all see today."
I hope so~

Pamela~ SO glad to see you! I has been a while!

"'assessing' other just a method to ensure our emotional and sometimes our physical safety."
Bingo! Thanks for stopping by, for the comment, & for the encouragement!

ablur~ "I get tired of being told that I should simply turn the other cheek."
Yep. Me too. Incidentally, 'turning the other cheek' doesn't mean allowing oneself to get rolled over...

Mal~ "Well it looks like that B+ has 'changed' along with his 'hope'"
Yes, well; it was our collective fault to have believed that anyone other than the Lord Jesus would be the center of true Hope. Especially when a man stands in front of 1,000's of people & actually says, "I represent hope."

What foolish people we have been...

Heaven help us.

Z said...

GOOD ON YOU, Susannah! And BRAVO.
I think you kept your cool quite well and told the truth.
You make a good point...the leftwingers DO want us Christians to just 'be meek and go away'..
THAT's not going to happen!

Thanks for speaking like you did xxx

Susannah said...

Thanks Z~ I think we all need to know there are others of 'us' out here, & "be strong & courageous"! (i.e., Knowing I have a friend like you clear on the other side of this continent help me do that!)