Friday, August 20, 2010

Furious NC Parent Blasts Senator Over Health Care

Remember the phrase 'Must see TV'?

This time it's "MUST view Youtube"??

NC Freshman Senator Kay Hagan made a stop in Kernersville for "Conversations with Kay" about issues that affect Seniors. The following 'Confrontation with Kay' was taped & aired (edited, of course) on our local 6:00 news. Here's the unedited exchange for your enjoyment:

(In case the video doesn't play, click the 'watch on youtube' link, or click here.)

I'm so PROUD of this mother!

I'm proud to say she's from my County (would go hug her if I knew who/where she was); proud of her tenacity, her courage, her 'verve'. And then there's this clash w/ Kay Hagan...

THIS is what heroes are made of: parents taking care of their children, doing whatever it takes to do the right thing, standing up to Big Government, getting their voices heard, & letting them know (in very certain terms) that they will NOT have our vote - ever!

Did I say we need more heroes?? Yes, & we need more like her.

God bless America!



Fredd said...

For whatever reason, that imbedded video did not run, but I suspect I know what she said to the senator.

I still maintain that this monstrosity of a bill will not see the light of day: in November, the Republican majority will defund this beast.

In 2012, the GOP majority and the newly elected GOP president will repeal it.

Have faith.

Susannah said...

Fredd~ Great to see you! Try the video again, or click the link I provided below the video. I promise, this mother will make you want to cheer!! Thanks for stopping by!

Joe said...

I was able to click through to youtube to watch.

I noticed that the "good" Senator was unswayed.

They know so much better what's good for us than we do, it's astounding!

And as usual, they think we are mind numbed idiots who can't read or think.

fuzzys dad said...

I am still cheering this woman

Jim said...

Too bad the woman doesn't live in Britain where her children's health issues would all be taken care of. Too bad we don't have that here. It's interesting to hear how much "better" her situation was before lawmakers tried to do something for the uninsured and uninsurable.

Susannah said...

Joe~ Yes, Senator Hagan (or is it mother Kay?) smiles & nods, & if we could see a bubble above her head, it would say, "Will this woman just shut up & take her medicine?" Makes me want to smack her...mother kay, not the parent...ugh

Fuzz~ I know!! Me too! My precious friend Sandy actually has met this woman - chatted in the dentist office (like moms do). I found out her name, but not her address. If I do, I'd send her flowers.

Jim~ I'm sure that was fun to write, & you feel all proud now...but you apparently weren't listening. The Parent told mother Kay explicitly, "I run a non-profit & I work w/ people who can't get healthcare in Canada, can't get healthcare in England, can't even get injections that would save their lives bec. they said it was 'too expensive'. And that is what's going to happen with my children."

Reel in your self-satisfaction, listen to the video & try again from another angle. Brisith/Canadian socialized medicine is NOT the end-all-be-all, & neither is Obamacare.

Jim said...

So there should be no limit to what we spend on health care, medications, and treatments?

Susannah said...

Emphatically NO, Jim. There should no rationed "limit" superimposed by Government on individual families.

When Mother Kay said smugly, "I am glad your children live in this country," this rightly furious parent replied, "Oh you know I am blessed, and I don't want free healthcare. I want to pay for it [so my children's care won't be rationed], because I will sell everything that I own to save my children, because this is America."

Since I know you'll argue the next point like Mother Kay, I'll trancscribe:
Mother Kay: "There are so many people who don't have the ability to do that."

Parent: "Right. And it's not my job to make sure that they have the ability to do that. And it's not your job to put a gun to my head to pay for them..."

So, no, Jim. There should be no limit to what an individual chooses to do for their own healthcare.

The bitter-sweet irony is that this has been Pro-abortion's argument all along: Keep the Government out of my healthcare!

Being consistent is a real pain in the neck sometimes, ain't it, Jim?

Jim said...

"Being consistent is a real pain in the neck sometimes, ain't it, Jim?"

Kind a ridiculous statement, no? Since there is no connection whatsoever between the two.

"Parent: "Right. And it's not my job to make sure that they have the ability to do that. And it's not your job to put a gun to my head to pay for them...""

And I guess it's not MY job to provide military defense for her and her family or research and development for biological threats or the like or air traffic control to keep airplanes off her house.

She said there is nothing she wouldn't pay to provide for her children, but there is nothing in this video that says she couldn't pay whatever she wants for them. She's doing a lot of guessing about what will and will not be covered if and when her benefits are reduced. She may just have to pay more for the same benefits and she already said that's fine with her. She'll have to pay more sooner or later without health care reform anyway.

There have always been rationed limits to what health care providers/insurers will pay for and there always will be. If you think otherwise, you're deluded.

And I'm "frankly insulted" by her implication that her experience with people and their SUVs represents the totality of people on Medicaid. I'm profoundly sorry for her and her family's health issues, I truly am, but I'm not interested in her plea for compassion for herself while having none for those with no coverage at all.

Jim said...

"Pro-abortion's argument"

There is no such thing.

Jim said...

"I run a non-profit & I work w/ people who can't get healthcare in Canada, can't get healthcare in England,"

She can say that but who can't get healthcare in Canada and England? Non-citizens and non-residents? Need some explanation there, don't you think?

BTW, "you feel all proud now". What an asinine thing to say!

Susannah said...

Jim~ I'll eschew the urge to interpret or otherwise read into the Parent's motives, & the calculations she has made. Apparently I don't have the gift of nuanced speculation that you do.

My point (that you perfectly well understood but choose to ignore): the Left has used "Keep the Government out of my healthcare! as their call-to-arms since Roe v.Wade, even though it lead to the Gv'ment's facilitating death. Now, the Left rallies Obamacare with "I DEMAND Government provide my healthcare!". And, as sure as it has since Roe v. Wade, Government intervention will facilitate death (rationing, 'end-of-life' panels, etc.)..Continue playing dumb to the irony if you like, Jim. I'm just noting the hipocrisy of it...

"What an asinine thing to say!"
Yeah, whatever. You clearly hadn't listened to what the Parent said, or you wouldn't have wrapped up your first comment in such a nice, neat, proud little package.

But you didn't see me calling nasty names, now did you, Jim?

We've talked about this before, I think...Try & be nicer next time you come up against someone who won't fold.

Jim said...

"the Left has used "Keep the Government out of my healthcare!"

No, I refudiate that. That is a phony comparison. It's nonsense.

"Now, the Left rallies Obamacare with "I DEMAND Government provide my healthcare!"

No, I refudiate that, too. I don't and nobody else "demands" that goverment provide our health care. We do believe that everyone should have it and those who can't afford it should be helped. BIG difference.

"But you didn't see me calling nasty names, now did you, Jim?"

No, and I didn't do it either. I did, however, describe as asinine your snarky comment about being proud.

"Try & be nicer next time".

I'm just about the nicest commenter on this blog. I just disagree with most of what's on here.

Susannah said...

'That is a phony comparison. It's nonsense.'

*ahem* (while I collect myself)

NARAL thought it was such a good comparison, they used it as strategy for years, Jim:

"Liberal activist groups...exploited conservative principles to argue that the major issue in abortion rights is 'government interference' in a woman's right to choose...The result was that 'Get the state out of my uterus' bumper stickers proliferated..."

(Sounds like "Keep the G'ment out of my healthcare!" and thus my point.)

"I don't and nobody else 'demands' that goverment provide our health care."

Oh... Really?

(This is too easy.)

Healthcare NOW! : a neat group whose sole purpose is "Organizing for National Single Healthcare System." Their site chronicles activism & enlists people to DEMAND government healthcare, even getting thrown in jail for it.

Not enough? Go to Youtube. This one's title is Demand Single Payer Healthcare NOW!

Still not enough?

You, Jim, have argued on this very blog for Single payer healthcare. It'd be a stretch to say you 'demand' it, but your position certainly aligns with folks represented above...

You & I disagree, for sure. However, your "repudiation" of what's so easily documented puts you at odds with your own kind.

And we're back to my point: consistency is a pain in the neck; no?

?"I'm just about the nicest commenter on this blog."
Yes, you can be very nice, Jim. And yes, we absolutely disagree. This time your edge bubbled over just a bit (as mine surely does from time to time), that's all.

Jim said...

There is a difference between "my uterus" and "my health care". I say they are two different arguments.

Who says that a national health care system or a single payer system is free? I don't. Medicare folks don't. We all know that the consumer pays for it one way or another. Would the poor be helped? Sure. Jesus would have it no other way.

So it's false to claim that the left wants free health care. The left wants universal health care and the most efficient solution is single payer.


And so my claim to consistency stands.

Susannah said...

I repeat the quoted article:
"Liberal activist groups...exploited conservative principles to argue that the major issue in abortion rights is 'government interference'..."

Doesn't matter what the object is, it's the PRINCIPLE: G'vmnt interference is what matters; or so says NARAL.

"Jesus would have it no other way."
You're right. Jesus commanded His Church take care of the poor (which We sadly haven't done very well). He said nothing about Government mandates.

Nice try, but you can't use Jesus to try & support Obamacare.

I never mentioned "free healthcare," the Parent in the video did (she said it euphemistically to mean G'vmnt run healthcare). I said the Left DEMANDS G'vment run healthcare, and they -- thereby you -- do.

And most level-headed, hardworking people just trying to live their lives & take care of the families God gave them, agree w/ me. It's the political/academic/social elites who think they know what's best for the masses who agree w/ you, Jim.