Sunday, August 8, 2010

Keeping your friends close, your enemies closer...

My friend Z runs a cool blog. She keeps track of 'current events' better than a lot of blogs do; certainly better than me. In a recent post, she displayed two examples of the media campaign to discredit/demonize/besmirch conservatives. (Go take a look. It's eye-opening & alarming, what's being promulgated across all manner of media...)

In this week's piece, Bill O'Reilly drives a stake through the heart of the Late Night efforts at the same. It's well worth the read, folks. Take the time to read. It behooves us to know what they're saying & why. As they say, "Keep your friends close & your enemies closer..."

Panic on the Left
Bill O'Reilly

David Letterman is a liberal kind of guy, and like many on the left, old Dave is kind of frustrated these days. A new Gallup poll has President Obama's job approval rating at just 41 percent, with 53 percent disapproving. Those are the lowest numbers Gallup has posted since Obama was inaugurated more than a year and a half ago.

So Dave is seeking answers to the president's diminishing popularity, and that kind of conversation usually involves the Fox News Channel, which is considered by the left to be all anti-Obama, all the time. Since I work at FNC, I dispute that perception. But there is no doubt that Fox News is the most skeptical TV news organization when it comes to analyzing the president.

Consider this: If Obama was being worked over the way President Bush was by the establishment media, his job approval rating would probably be in the 20 percent range. Remember the brutal media beating Bush took? Today, the mainstream press is largely neutral or positive on Obama, even as many Americans are having doubts about him.

But let's get back to Letterman. Speaking with far-left MSNBC News commentator Rachel Maddow on his program, Dave listened as she put forth the preposterous theory that Fox News wants to frighten white Americans by reporting negatively about black Americans.

"Scaring white people is good politics on the conservative side of the spectrum, and it always has been. The idea is that you sort of rile up the white base to be afraid of an other, to be afraid of scary immigrants or scary black people..."

In the past, paranoid, dishonest rants like that would have been dismissed as fringe speak. But not anymore. Without a shred of evidence, a guest on Letterman's "Late Show" (which by the way gets trounced in the ratings by FNC every night) defines an entire news organization as a racist enterprise. And Letterman goes along with the program, adding: "These people are continuing to fan this flame and ... that is cancer."


The only people Fox News is scaring are far-left loons who see their shining city on the hill on fire. For 18 months, the United States has been governed from the left, and things are not going well. I'm sorry if this analysis frightens some folks, but when you spend a half-trillion dollars trying to stimulate the economy and you create just 600,000 jobs, well, people are going to notice.

When the war in Afghanistan turns chaotic, Americans are not going to be pleased. When the nation's debt is increased by more than a trillion dollars a year because of record spending, folks are going to get a bit nervous. So, in order to counter those realities, the far left must divert attention from them. Thus, the scary black people deal.

In reply, here's a Top 1 list for Letterman and his uber-liberal guest: The American people don't need to be "riled" up by phony race baiting. They are already riled up by reality. And the polls prove it.


Z said...

the link back to my blog, the 'recent post' won't open and I'm curious which one you linked to!!?
And I THANK YOU very much for the nice words! xxx

I'm SO glad you posted this O'Reilly piece; I'd heard it was excellent. Thanks, Susannah... it IS excellent.

You seeing what the leftwingers are doing? RACE RACE RACE...that's ALL THEY'VE GOT AGAINST THE NOVEMBER ELECTIONS....I can hear the White House people now.."Look, they're going to slam us on the economy, jobs, Afghanistan, we HAVE to make them look as BAD as we can....Obama, you keep hammering that it's BUSH BUSH BUSH by name(they'll vote against Dems...meaning for Republicans..until they realize BUSH IS A REPUBLICAN, so they'll BALK then, and don't worry that sitting presidents usually have more dignity than to criticize a past president, there's too much at stake here)..keep hammering......and everybody else call Republicans RACISTS, every change you get!...make stuff up, just make sure Americans who don't know the truth HEAR THAT!...go get 'em"
WAIT till you see my MOnday video,'ll LOVE IT!! xx

Susannah said...

Hey Z-darlin!
I'm sorry my link didn't work...sometimes I'm just no good @ the html code...

I'll run back by & take another stab @ it.

Yeah, that 'race thing' is really tired by now, right? O'Reilly is right, it just makes them look pathetic - except to people who don't know any better (which, unfortunately, is too, too many).

Anyhow, you have a GREAT day, & I'll take a look @ your video tomorrow. Can't wait!

Susannah said...

OK. The link should open for you now! Sorry 'bout that!


Fredd said...

These guys on the left will say anything, absolutely anything to staunch the flow of support that is hemmoraghing from their cause (socialism).

As the election approaches, our side will be painted as racist, sexist monsters that eat babies.

But, you already have seen this election cycle after election cycle, and the public is getting somewhat numb to this garbage (finally).

Jim said...

Medea Benjamin is far left. Rachel Maddow is liberal. She is not a loon. She's got twice the intellect that Bill O'Reilly has. And she doesn't use ad hominem attacks like BO does.

Bill O'Reilly seems to think that because he gets the most old people to watch him at night that that proves he's right and everyone else is a loon. He never let's Colmes point out that Reagan had similar poll numbers at the same point in his first term.

"Today, the mainstream press is largely neutral or positive on Obama" "Fox News is the most skeptical TV news organization when it comes to analyzing the president."

Shouldn't they all the "neutral". If it's news it should be fact right? And shouldn't facts be "neutral"? By claiming that FNC is "skeptical" of the President it sure sounds like it is pre-disposed to be anti-Obama. An honest "neutral" news organization can analyze a policy and be skeptical of it's effectiveness, but if it calls the President a "Socialist" then it is no longer a news organization. It's only opinion at best and loony in practice.

So anyway...

Scary ACORN stealing elections! Oh no!

Scary New Black Panthers stealing elections! (all 10 of them) Oh no!

Scary Shirley Sherrod telling a white farmer to get a lawyer of his own kind. Oh no!

Scary Van Johnson signed a petition questioning the 9/11 commission. Oh no!

Scary Hawaiian with a phony birth certificate. Oh no!

WomanHonorThyself said...

thanks Susannah..will follow up asap~!

Susannah said...

"the left will say anything, absolutely anything to staunch the flow of support that is hemmoraghing from their cause (socialism)"

"eat babies" Really!? You think they'd say 'kill babies'...but oops! They have to look in the mirror for that...ouch.

Jim-dear~ Loon-acy is in the eye of the beholder, no?

Scary ACORN communist-y organizers registering-felons-illegals-dead-people for votes. Indeed.

Scary black panther, indeed. Scary Eric Holder letting weapon-brandishing-racist-bigotted-"cracker"-hating-cracker-baby-killing-wanna-be-voter-threatening clod off the hook for federal voter intimidation case...yeah. Scary indeed.

Shirley Sherrod? Nah, not scary.

Scary Communist Van Johnson. Indeed.

Scary "Hawaiian"/Kenyan with who-knows-&-who-cares-what-kind-of-birth-certificate, Communist duping the Democratic party...Indeed.

Eye of the beholder, friend; eye of the beholder...

WHT! Great to see you! Thanks for coming by & leaving the comment. Go get 'em!

Joe said...

Jim: You said, "She's got twice the intellect that Bill O'Reilly has."

I'm sure you meant "half" and just had a slip of the fingers.

She's really just sophomoric with a mouth full of hate and philosobabble.

So, there. I fixed it for you.

No need to thank me.

Jim said...

No, I meant what I said. She has no hate whatsoever. Never heard her utter one hateful word on her show. Ever.

I've watched Bill O'Reilly almost every night since at least 1998, and I've watched Rachel Maddow most nights since she started. I know what I'm talking about and my opinion is well-informed.

And if facts are "philosobabble", you're welcome to feel that way. It doesn't change the truth that facts are facts.

Z said...
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Z said...

by the way, I just clicked on the post and saw which one you meant and GUESS WHAT!? says something about the videos having crashed!?
(big surprise!)
do you get that message on there too, is it yet another Google/Adobe "let's get rid of the evidence" endeavor?