Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving -- Fun day!

If for no other myriad of reasons to be thankful today,
we can be thankful for dogs!!

(Otis is almost ready for Christmas...)

(He also likes to play dress-up...)

And if by chance you don't have a canine friend, you can enjoy this video
that a sweet friend sent me...
Laughter - we can ALL be thankful for that!!

Enjoy, & Have a Happy, Blessed Thanksgiving!!


cocked and loaded said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! And yes i am thankful for
my dogs!

Z said...

I thought that was YOUR dog till I read the words above the video again! LOOKS like your dog! I can't believe how trained that little guy is!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING, you dear thing! I hope you're having a wonderful (and, of course, that little girl's hair color wasn't that of YOUR gorgeous brood so I wondered about that video starting at that point!...oh, and I also knew you'd never wear pants that short !! :-) HAA!! xxx

Susannah said...

C&L! So glad to see you. Thanks for the wishes, & same to you & yours.

Z~ It's so funny how much this dog looks like Otis! the face isn't the same, but the body type & mannerisms are dead-on! Mr. Sus & I watched this together, & he said, "OK. So, she doesn't have any else would she have time to train that doggie so much!!?" And no, I don't do 'those' kinda pants! ;)

Hope you both have had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

USA_Admiral said...

Thanks Susannah!

I hope yours was as happy and restful as mine was.

Brooke said...

I hope you're having a great Thanksgiving. Your doggies are adorable and that Jack in the video is amazing; I see his owners have channeled his energy well!

Joe said...

I have had many dogs over the years, but non as constantly entertaining and funny as my two pugs.

Charlie loves to chase cars, especially the garbage truck. He runs along the fence line fiercly barking. Zeke sits in the middle of the yard watching Charlie chase the cars.

Charlie takes a nap and Zeke comes in, walks around Charlie a couple of times, then lies down on top of him. Charlie gives him a disdainful look and resigns himself to having "brother" sleep on top of him.

Charlie looks like a Chicago thug with bottom teeth protruding. Then he sleeps with about 1/4 inch of his tongue stuck out. Then he looks like a really stupid Chicago thug.

Charlie does lots of dog tricks. Zeke only watches Charlie do the tricks.

Hope you had a grand Thanksgiving Day!

Craig said...

Hi Susannah,

Happy Thanksgiving a day late.

No politics, just dogs. I made a little movie last year from some videos I shot at a dog park nearby on the Mississippi. Brick and Ajax are Blue Heeler/Lab mix. Bricky, the black one, is, sadly no longer with us. Our old dog, Loretta, makes a couple cameos.

It's not a very good video, but we can all agree, dogs are almost as good as cats.


Always On Watch said...

Well, I'm late to this post.

Belated Thanksgiving blessings to you, Susannah.

Susannah said...

USA~ Great to see you! Yes, ours was lovely. Had my husband's family to our house for the first time ever - we usually go there. Went really well! Glad yours was nice too.

Brooke~ Yep! They've trained him well! Though, Otis may seem like more than 1 dog sometimes, there's only one of him!! ;)

Joe~ I just love dog stories! Don't you just sometimes wonder, what's Zeke thinking as he watches Charlie's stunts...?

Craig~ "No politics, just dogs."
Now isn't that refreshing? ;)

We used to live next door to a blue heeler. His name was Tequila (which said more about his owner than about him...) He was a great dog! I'm sorry about your loss of Bricky. We had a Jack named "Tucker" before Otis. When she was 12 we had to put her down b/c she was suffering so w/ kidney disease. It was the day after Thanksgiving, ironically enough, 5 years ago. Sad...oh, so sad!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year, though, & hope you did too! Oh, & LOVED the video! Isn't it great to see dogs doing what they do best? Being dogs!

AOW~ GREAT to see you! We had a lovely Thanksgiving, thank you! Hope you did too!

BetteJo said...

Oh my gosh that pup made me tired just watching!!

Susannah said...

BetteJo~ ;) Makes me smile that you've stopped by!

This little video guy is a hoot, isn't he?

We gave Otis a bath last night (b/c he had found something horrid & rolled in it). When it was over, & he had been dried off, he ran circles around the house for, like, a 1/2 hour! His fur was all fluffed up & he looked like a mini, white, crazed lion! Ha! We were wishing for the funny!

Z said...

I knew those couldn't be your pants :-)

Craig, very well done video and terrific dogs! And yes, dogs are only ALMOST as good as cats :-)