Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Sweet Remembrance of You" ~ Wm. Joseph

For a dear friend, who sweetened my life today by sharing a lovely memory of a dear one who is no longer of this earth...

...and for anyone who may be struggling with the pain of grief, the sorrow of loss this Christmas season. May this piece of music take you to a place of tender, 'sweet remembrance.'

"The LORD is close to the brokenhearted,
and saves those who are crushed in spirit."
Psalm 34:18


Z said...

Lovely, Susannah...actually, I'd like the sheet music to that :-)
You're very sweet to have posted this.....big hugs and blessings to you..xx

Sandy said...

Thanks Susannah! This is so appropriate for me right now. We got a call yesterday asking what two lines (in addition to our names) we wanted engraved on our brick at the Y built in memory of a family member tragically killed (by a drunk driver) a few years ago, at only 20 years of age. I have pondered last night and today and am thinking about "Sally believed and lives eternal." Obviously related to John 3:16 and short enough to fit on a brick. Great post.

Susannah said...

Z~ I don't know about sheet music, but the CD version layers in violin, orchestra & even bagpipes. Gorgeous! And you're welcome. The memory you shared of Mr. Z touched my heart.

Sandy! How did I miss knowing about this?

"Sally believed and lives eternal."
Perfect. Wow.

Z said...

that really IS a good sentence about Sally......inspirational, powerful and a great testament to her.
Sorry about your loss, Sandy.

Susannah, it'd be hard to capture all of that in sheet music but I'm certain there must exit the piano really is pretty, isn't it!

Susannah said...

Oh, I'll bet there's sheet music could search Wm. Joseph or David Foster (producer)...

Here's another one: A Mother's Heart . WJ wrote it for his wife for Mother's Day. I'll confess, it is my favorite. I use it all the time with my Yoga classes for part of the Final Relaxation time. Beautiful.

Susannah said...

Z!!!! I found sheet music for you! Go to & you can also find 'A Mother's Heart' & probably whatever else you wanted!!!

Our son came home from a friend's house today & they'd been looking @ this site for trumpet music. I immediately thought of you. ;) Enjoy!

Z said...

thanks, I'll check musicnotes, LOVE that site!