Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Macro-Photography: All in the Family

Just returned from a family reunion, where our family spent a marvelous time in the mountains of North Carolina. Kids, babies, Aunts, Uncles, my 96 year old Grandmother...

While getting back in touch with each other, I learned that my cousin Richard has gotten into Macro-photography. He has a terrific website to display his photography.

Because he sees things that the ordinary eye may not -- and has begun to capture it -- I wanted to share. Here's just an example: several years ago he found a rock while walking on the beach. He called it his "heini-rock" because - well, it looks like a 'heini'.

What do you see?

Take a minute, go by & see Richard's photos.

You'll be glad you did!



Grandma J said...

Wow Susannah! I love those photos. The rock looks like a sponge up close. The cat's eye scared me...sort of.

Off subject, do you think Obama plays golf so he can smoke? That's my take.

Susannah said...

GrandmaJ! So glad to see you!! Thanks for going to see the pics. Neat stuff, huh? I know about the cat's eye...it's actually Richard's cat - wonder how he got to stay still for long enough?

Golf so he can smoke...hmmm...among other things.

Z said...

I, so glad you all had a great time!