Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Depth Perception

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post about a time of personal struggle. I didn't have 'answers' to why the struggling happened, & had no evidence of the 'good' that God would bring from it. But slowly, and with certainty, I'm gaining perspective on that difficult 'season' in my life. I have begun to catch glimpses of the fresh, clean growth that results from a severe pruning performed with precise and sure timing. . .

There's growth still to be gained, & depths yet to be plumbed. But there comes a time we simply must release our efforts, & let time and distance carry new perceptions into view. I realize not all the answers are at my disposal, and may never be. And that's okay, I think, somehow.

Laura Story's "Blessings," speaks with extravagant tenderness, as to why . . .

The singer/song writer's own words:

~New depth. Fresh perceptions~

Thanks be to God.



Crucis said...

One of the drawbacks, when echoing blog-posts to FaceBook is that all the comments stay on Facebook.

There oughta be a bit of feedback from FB to Blogger. There're many still whom don't do both.

Crucis said...

Oops, add Twitter to FaceBook. Applies to both.

Susannah said...

Crucis!! Great to see you here~ have enjoyed our visits on FB, too!

Somehow, I think, there's a dark chasm of wiring that connects all that stuff together...and we just don't know it. Call me a conspiracy theorist!