Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Doorbell" (Cloward/Piven style...)

My wise friend Z, who made an excellent point about my last post:
"Let's just get Morris out of this equation if we must..." when another commenter insisted on arguing about the personality of Mr. Morris, rather than the REality of our problem: Government SPENDING.

Let us not chase rabbits into warrens...



Just stop.

(Curtsy to Nancy)


Z said...

thanks, Susuannah :-)
Ya, I thought it's time we stop allowing those who disagree with us to kill the messenger instead of THINKING the messenger's message out....If it must be discarded, discard then.
I had an excellent explanation of the debt ceiling on a video at my place about 4 days ago and my worst leftwing troll wrote "HERITAGE FOUNDATION LOL!" I'm sure he didn't even watch it.
These are the people, of course, who depend on the Daily Kook and msnbc for 'real news' :-)

Your video's powerful and true, sadly. Funny, I see the words Cloward/Piven and think of CLOVEN ...cloven feet....hmmm

have a great day....we have to either DO SOMETHING MAJOR to stop what's going on in the WH or ...what? !!

Susannah said...

Hey Z! I'm thinking I saw that comment about 'Heritage Foundation'. I thought to myself, "what's wrong w/ Heritage?" They're legit. Conservative, yes, but legit. Unlike Daily "Kook" & Andrew Sullivan, et. al...It's all so ominous --- Heaven help us.

Jim said...

I watched this clip. It is very much like what Democrats were saying 5 or 6 years ago when George W. Bush was in the middle of nearly doubling the national debt. You didn't seem to care then, or did you?

The debt is a serious issue. But Obama policies to date will add $1.4 Trillion to the debt over his 8 years (God willing). Bush policies added $5.1 Trillion over 8 years.

So this little girl and your children can write a thank-you note to George W. Bush for what they "owe".

Scott or Pam said...

Oh, how true.

Craig said...

Hi Susannah,

I just watched the Heritage Cartoon. It's "made simple", alright, and deliberately deceptive. Funny, not so bright Steve is responsible for all that debt. He must be a Demokrat because he approved all that lefty stuff like composting and solar panels.

They didn't mention any previous association presidents who racked up $10T of our current debt. Like the Godfather of deficits, Ronnie, who lowered fees and tripled the debt. The debt ceiling was raised 18 times under Reagan. He used those scary words from the cartoon to warn against not raising it but, of course, y'all know better.

No mention of George, who invaded Oily Sands and realized he needed to raise fees a little to start paying for it. He got fired for it. How about Bill, who actually raised fees and created a surplus. Bill started to pay down the debt.

Then came George Jr. To him, the surplus meant the people were paying too much in fees, especially his wealthy friends. So, he dropped the fees to the lowest levels in 60 years. Then, he invaded Barren Hills Village and Oily Sands, again. He gave the Oldsters a prescription drug benefit but made the "free" market practice of negotiating prices illegal. He and his pals in Congress refused to raise fees and just kept putting it on the credit card. They raised the ceiling 8 times.

But, according to Heritage, it's all Steve's fault.

Casey said...

I personally loved this video. We can all sit around and point fingers of what politician did what over the years but the truth of the matter is this country is in debt and our children will be paying the price for it. Instead of pointing fingers we just need to get people in office that are going to STOP spending and start getting us out of debt. And we all know Obama's NOT doing that.