Sunday, August 14, 2011

"The Roots of Obama's Rage"

So, I've begun in earnest to read a book that has been in my 'stack.' Man-o-man is it gonna be something else...

Dinesh D'Souza, President of King's College, author, speaker, political scholar, speaks about his book: The Roots of Obama's Rage.

Naturally, Mr. Obama's sycophants in the MSM have run to his aide, disputing Mr. D'Souza at every turn. Read them if you like...But first, take a listen to Mr. D'Souza himself, & get a gander at the end of Chapter 1:

"Clearly in Barack Obama we are dealing with a strange, complex man. Ironically we have ironed out that strangeness by making Obama the embodiment of American multiculturalism. Somehow we have taken this lonely, driven figure and turned him into an image of diversity. He is our Kumbayah man, our post-ideological president, an ultra-modern leader with a twenty-first century agenda. Obama recognizes this; he has himself commented that 'I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views' ...But whatever Obama is, he is not diverse or multicultural, at least not in his thinking or his fundamental values...He is fighting a private war that started far away and goes back to the middle of the last century, with roots that are even earlier. If we want to understand his actions in America and in the world, we have to understand Obama as he really is, not as we want him to be."

I'm intrigued. It was all I could do to put the book down and write this post. As we embark down yet another election trail, please do 'due diligence' and read this book; find out who this man is, before we risk placing him at the helm of our great Republic - again. In the end, what our MSMedia won't do for us, we must do for ourselves...



Jim said...

What rage?

Jim said...

Interesting clip. Interesting in that the author says, "He's a serene figure."

Then he says that Obama seems like a presidential guy, no interns under the desk, but then began to "do the kind of stuff he's doing", an "incredible raft of new laws and regulations" that we've never seen before". The bailout (which was during the Bush administration), the Stimulus (which has been done my many administrations during recessions. Bush did several. The 2009 Stimulus was nearly 40% tax cuts and incentives).

"A radical overhaul of healthcare" which he neglects to say is made up mostly of Republican ideas.

"Obama even fired the head of General Motors". GM was essentially bankrupt. If GM went into bankruptcy administered by bankruptcy courts, the head of GM surely would have been fired.

Reagan fired the air traffic controllers. Did you see the speech he gave when he did that? Talk about your "rage".

"He lived the first 17 years of his life off the mainland of the United States."

So living most of those 17 years in Hawaii makes him weird and foreign? BTW it can easily be argued that Sarah Palin has lived all but the first few months of her life "off the mainland" of the United States.

"Clearly in Barack Obama we are dealing with a strange, complex man." Clearly strange man? Really?

"He is fighting a private war that started far away and goes back to the middle of the last century"

Ah yes, the Mau Maus in Africa! Fighting against colonial Britain. "Clearly" Obama Sr. managed to instill his hatred for the white masters in young Obama by the age of three when Sr. left the family.

D'Souza's book is garbage. But enjoy the read. I'm sure it will explain EVERYTHING you have wondered about the "lonely, driven figure" usurping the presidency.

Slamdunk said...

Interesting post. I enjoyed Dr. D'Souza's debate on evolution a few years ago with Christopher Hitchens.

Jim said...

I would love to watch that. Is it on Youtube?

Green Mountain Realty said...

Very interesting.

Susannah said...

oops~ (wrong post)

Z said...

Thanks, I hadn't even heard of his new book.
I do believe that nothing in Obama's past has helped him lead a country for ALL Americans and toward the ethos of our founding fathers:. Hard to be so pro American with parents like his, mentors like J. WRight and Frank Marshall, and friends like Bill Ayers.
How can we expect different? And how did you conceal all of that to voters?
(Hi, my dear!xx)