Monday, February 25, 2013

Notice to My Erstwhile #RNC

There. It’s done. I am no longer affiliated with the Republican party. It has become increasingly difficult to support or defend a Party who fails to represent my fiscal & social concerns. Over the past several years, this party has chosen to walk a line of 'moderation' rather than stand for fiscal responsibility & social decency. It has proven itself, over time, to be the party of luke-warm status quo instead of goal directed passion.

You see, friends, our nation has been in the jaws of a ravenous Socialist beast for some time, & my republican party has failed to rise courageous against it. While my nation is being eaten alive by the left, my republican friends have wrung their hands, gnashed their teeth & done essentially nothing. Our nation is desperate for someone with pluck & prowess to stand up to the leftist Kill Machine, a pervasive leftist media & tepid public opinion. Republicans have failed to summon such courage, to make use of available strategic machinery, & to truly engage in battle. It is a battle to the death, see? Yet they still don’t get it: appeasement will never placate that Aggressor's appetite.

I’m tired of trying to hold them accountable, as ‘one of them.’ My heart is weary of hoping they'll get it right, then having hopes dashed, time and again. Therefore, I am detaching myself for my own good, & probably for theirs. And there’s freedom in my decision. At least now, I can cease gritting my teeth over egregious policy errors. I'm no longer vulnerable to being disappointed over the flaccid efforts of those I supported with my cash & my votes. It’s a relief, frankly. And now, I’m free to just be American -- for as long as it lasts.


DUTA said...

Kudos to you, Susannah! You're a courageous lady.
"luke warm status quo" -that seems to be their only goal. What a shame!

Susannah said...

Oh, dear Duta, YOUR life takes courage, not so much mine. Kind words, nonetheless!

For me, this has been brewing for quite some time. It won't change 'them,' but it does change me, as I referenced in the piece.

I think of you often, & hoping you are having a good & happy life these days.

Craig said...

Hi, Susannah. It's been awhile. I accidentally clicked on your link while surfing around to see what my Republican friends were up to. Wow, you're no longer a Republican.

Sorry if I don't see that as an act of courage.

Our nation is desperate for someone with pluck & prowess to stand up

You have pluck and prowess, don't you? Stand up, Susannah. Why wait for someone else to do it. Run for office, either change the party or start your own. Of course, I think your ideas on what ails the country and how to fix are completely wrong and you'd have a hard time convincing a majority otherwise, but that's beside the point. If you really think it's a matter of life and death, why are you disengaging? Like it or not, the Republican Party is the only viable vehicle to carry your misguided ideology.

And now, I’m free to just be American

Unfortunately, it's true. Throwing up your hands and whining that someone else won't step up and do what you want done is so American.

Susannah said...

Well Hiya, Craig! Welcome back to us both, eh?

Yeah, I don't see it as courage, either. (Dear Duta is speaking exisentially.) Rather, it was about @#$% time!

But stand up, I will, don't you worry. I hardly feel the need to defend myself to you, nor do I care that you misconstrue my actions & my position as 'whining.' Ha! You have NO idea what you're talking about, who I am, or the 'vehicles' I'm pursuing to 'engage'.

So, forgive me if I don't feel privileged at your 'accidental' return visit.

Mullmeister said...

Hello Susannah,

Been a while, and yes I've been silently following these last few years.

I wont say much except I'm smiling at this post.

Take care


Susannah said...

And a big Hello to you, too, Mull old friend!! SO glad to hear from you!

Right - well, if you've been following, you've seen I haven't written as much as in the beginning, at least not here. This post rather explains why...

I've had several things published elsewhere (short stories, a bit of poetry), so that has been fun & challenging.

How in the world ARE you? Have thought of you often, & prayers lifted each time. You take care, too~

DUTA said...

Hi Susannah,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I rarely write in it these days , but I keep on reading my favorite blogs whenever I have a spare moment.
I greatly miss your posts.

Susannah said...

Duta, you've just made me smile really big!! Maybe I shall write here more often, hmmm...?

I'll post a few links @ your blog - to show you the other writing I've done (& published!) lately. Great to be back in touch w/ you dear friend.

Susannah said...

Mull & Duta, you might enjoy my latest post. Hope all is well~