Friday, November 27, 2009

Hide the Decline: Climategate

Oh, it's just SOOOOOOOOO much fun!!

Turn it up & dance a little:

(Just feelin' kinda silly...)



Anonymous said...

Heh ... this is a great vid, Suz!! I think with all this stuff that's coming out now, people are seeing that it ain't about climate ... it's about power. It ain't about health care ... it's about power. It ain't even about gun control ... it's about, well, guess! They want us to trade our freedoms for so-called security. We were warned about this.

Gramma 2 Many said...

RWL hit it right on the head. It is all about power and we were warned!! We just chose to think it could never happen to us. It is something that happens in Russia or China, but not here. I remember my father telling me in the 60's that this was going to happen. But he was one of those radical John Birchers and we all know they were way off base!

Anonymous said...

All hail and be quiet. The Hight Priest (Al Gore) of climate change has spoken. The climate "mad" scientists are the high priests. Only they can interpret the scriptures of the climate change cult church. Everyone else needs to sit down, be quiet, and open your wallet. Watch and hold on to your pocket book as this climate change cult gathers at Copenhagen for a great revival to save the world; with someone else's money. What a bunch of crack pots. They can't accurately predict the weather for one year in advance but only a climate "mad" scientist can see the future 20 or 50 years out. They don't take criticism very well either. :) Hated sinner and non believer that I am; I'm sure I'll be excommunicated for my views. :)

Susannah said...

RWL~ Isn't it rich!? And yes, it is about power...

Gramma2~ "We just chose to think it could never happen to us."
And some of us are still choosing to think this, even when it's right in front of them. Sitting @ our Thanksgiving table just yesterday (my husband's family on Thurs, mine on Fri.), we were having the healthcare discussion.

My husband mentioned the 'big brother' control that the House Bill would assume, such as being able to read our bank statements in real time to determine eligibility for services/payments, etc. Of course, this is an OUTRAGEOUS invasion of privacy. A beloved family mmbr. sat across the table from us & said, "Oh, I don't think they'd ever really do that." (This one voted for BHO; could you guess?) This one was also surprised to learn that my Husband had READ THE BILL & could virtually quote the paragraphs that would give the gov't such outrageous power in our personal lives. The beloved across our dinner table smiled a bit & that's where it ended. I still don't think she believed us.

You're right - we have been warned.

Saint! Glad you came by! Algore had to do something to make a legacy for himself! But, somehow, I don't think this is what he had in mind... ;) Ha! I love it! Just goes to show what happens when one is driven by 'sour grapes' (election 2000).

Pamela D. Hart said...

Susannah: This reminds me of something I heard once,"If you haven't heard a rumor by 10am, make one up."

Do they follow, "If you don't have the facts, make them up"?

This scheme will hurt the Middle Class the most in the end, especially if Cap and Trade goes through, how can they look at themselves in the mirror everyday knowing they are lying to everyone?

Z said...

Not to be TOO nonsequitor (!) but can I have the mac and cheese recipe from your grandmother you mentioned at my place?!!

I'm honestly thinking about a cooking/food blog called Mac and GeeeZ...with a name that great, how can I NOT?

and thanks for your prayers for me on Thursday..they worked :-) xxx
I'm glad your dinner was so fabulous, too.

DaBlade said...

I was doing a dance I call "Kirk in the Captain's chair during an attack on the Enterprise"... Good fun!

Jim said...

Isn't it cool that the jargon-filled emails of a few researchers located on a single mail server have completely destroyed algore's AGW myth and exposed the lies of 10s of thousands of scientists all over the globe?

Susannah said...

Jim, dear (you do know why I call you that, right? It's a play on Peter Pan. You know, the 'Darling Family' - it's just fun to say...though I'm NOT making fun. We've had a lot of Peter Pan action in our house over the years.)

As for your know what's neat about wise old sayings - they're wise for a reason. I have one for you: "Where there's smoke, there's fire."

Glad you stopped by.

Susannah said...

Oh, & my Grandfather's name was Jim. I'm partial to "Jim, dear."


Susannah said...

Well, how rude of me! I totally skipped over my other friends!

Pam~ "how can they look at themselves in the mirror everyday knowing they are lying to everyone?"
Excellent question! I telling our oldest son about this (he's in a magnet middle school w/ a science/engineering focus). His comment was, "makes you wonder how many other things 'they're' doing that kind of thing w/." Indeed. The next generation has spoken.

Z~ Of Course you can have the recipe! I'll email it to you - but it's simple, really. Not sure it'll be blog-worthy! I think it's great you're starting this up - had read it on geeez & wondered where you are in the process. Keep us updated, will you?

I'm so glad to know your day was comfortable. Our God is so good.

DB! So glad you came by! I'm getting a quirky, funny, nutty visual! Thanks for the follow. ;)

Joe said...

Some people are intelligent enough to have known all along that Algore was lying for his own economic gain. The rest of them (Jim) are not astute enough to have understood that.

Dan said...

I love this. IT is so true. What's funny is not only is the truth being revealed about this hoax, but also the truth of the media's wholesale investment in it.

Dave In Boca said...

The Toronto Sun has an excellent summary about the reasons that "climategate" won't stop political elites and scientific fakes from enacting taxes to give them more power and diminish the freedom and property of us individuals:

If you're wondering how the robot-like march of the world's politicians towards Copenhagen can possibly continue in the face of the scientific scandal dubbed "climategate," it's because Big Government, Big Business and Big Green don't give a s*** about "the science."

They never have.

The pathetic cast of Demo-rats about to inflict permanent harm on the American economy already devastated by Dear Leader's silly "porkulus" hyper-spending.

Given Obama's amateurish efforts up to now, especially his dithering over troop decisions and abrupt reversals of stated policy goals [missile sites in Poland, etc.], don't expect his job performance to improve in the near future.

Red said...

Too funny. I love rather good.

Cappy said...

Oooh... cuddly kitty cats and singing trees. You are going to score big points with liberals using this approach!

BetteJo said...

I guess Al just didn't make enough money from inventing the Internet!

Susannah said...

Joe~ Great to see you! For the record: Al Gore has always given me the creeps. Big time.

Dan~ Good to see you too! I thought it was fun, also. The sad thing is that we pretty much knew the Media was we can't even trust the Scientific community?? Wow. Sad.

Dave~ You're right. Why let hard core evidence persuade you to back away from your radical agenda? 'Scientific' scam? Never mind that - they're entitled to OUR money! Just because they say so!

Red~ Funny, huh? :) Glad to see you 'round these parts!

Cap! Great to see you again! Hope you've been well! Yeah, I was trying to think what little kid movie this came from. Was it Rudolf the Red Nosed..., or was it Frosty? Either way, though, I don't think those on the Left are very fond of parody, unless it's Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin.

BetteJo~ Yeah! What WAS all that about him inventing the internet?? Nobody has ever been able to explain that one to me.

The Skepdick said...

Al Gore cancels his trip to Copenhagen, the climate bill in Australia's parliament goes down in flames, and now we have Sen. Barbara Boxer upset about email leaks suppressing scientific evidence...................not the content?

They almost pulled this crap off, but now I hope they get what they deserve. Maybe Gore and all these other hypocrites can live the rest of their lives on an iceberg.........where polar bears will be free to dine on their flesh. Some will still push this phony agenda, as it is their lifelong fantasy, but now they're diggin' their own graves by doing so.

Jim said...

Watch this one.

Dare ya.

Jim said...


Susannah said...

Jim! Sorry. I've been awol, sort of. Have to leave town tomorrow for a funeral (college friend who's dad died suddenly last Sunday - ugh). My sweet husband has been sick most of the week & blogging has taken a bit of a back seat.

I'll be back, though. Me? One who can resist a dare? No way! ;)

Thanks for understanding.

Jim said...

Of course! Sorry for your loss and hope Hubby is feeling better.