Monday, May 31, 2010

Picture this!

It's my favorite time in the garden again!
Allow me to introduce my newest darling, a Mother's Day gift from last year:
...tinkering w/ the soil pH; these may get bluer before all is said/done.

And then there's this one, blooming for the first time ever!
Amazing what cutting away crowding branches
& adding a little sunshine will do for a soul...

...and the first day lily bloom of the season: Oh yeah, I love this time of year!



Z said...

I love those hydrangeas! Tell me, I have a blue one on my patio but it doesn't bloom much, thought the leaves are coming in beautifully again this many hours of sun do you think they need?
Thanks for letting me know....these colors are so beautiful! Funny, blue and purple aren't particular favorite colors of mine but in flowers, they really are!
Gorgeous...I love your enjoyment in them, too. Against your beautiful brick, anything looks more beautiful, I think, right!?

fuzzys dad said...

I have a rose bush I am grooming.I now have a graden.

BetteJo said...

Oh I adore flowers! Beautiful!

Susannah said...

Hi Z!! Thanks for coming~ I suppose they need around 5-6 hours of sun to bloom, which is why the one in the 2nd pic. never bloomed until this year. I cut out some overhanging shade & viola!

Also, I've learned the hard way when NOT to prune. They bloom on new growth, so pruning right after they bloom is the only option (if you want flowers the next season). The same is true for azaleas, incidentally.

Here's a web page" that will give more details re: sun requirmts., etc.

Could it be that yours is root bound - if in a pot on a patio?

Oh, & yes I do love the yard!! ;)

Susannah said...

Fuzz! I have a rose bush that I'm resusitating...(I'm not so good w/ roses.) I cut this one back severely, dug it up, amended the soil & put it back in the ground. I think it likes its new bed, b/c it's growing well, but is starting to get those brown/black spots that roses (mine anyway) get. Any suggestions?

I remembered you were starting your garden! What do you have coming up? ;)

BetteJo! Thanks for coming by. 'Been thinking of you lately!

Frasypoo said...

Hey there!
I am so jealous!My hydrangeas are those half hearted ones!
The flowers have buds but just a few on the edges bloom!

Susannah said...

Fras!! SO glad to see you again! You have "morecai" hydrangeas. My Grandmother had just gotten into those a few years before she died. She thought these wre just fabulous! Enjoy yours, & then maybe pick up a "French" one to complement... :)

SOOOO glad to hear from you again!

Susan Woodring said...

"Amazing what cutting away crowding branches
& adding a little sunshine will do for a soul..."

For people and flowers, I think.

Oh, how I admire gardeners!!

Susannah said...

Susan! So glad you've come by! 'Was just talking about you w/ a swim team mom the other night @ practice; had my copy of The Traveling Disease, though I was talking more than reading! (Am I supposed to tell the author that? yeah...afternoon swim practice is always bedlum! not conducive to reading). Was telling her about the Salem class; & wow! did her ears perk up. Maybe a future student! ;)

"For people and flowers, I think."

Ahh, indeed.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Annie said...

Ya know, Susannah...hydrangea is a very easy flower to press! You can pluck those little flowerettes off and tuck them into a book and in about a week or two have some very pretty flowers to make a card, decorate a picture frame, etc...

Or better yet...send me a few of the best pressed blossoms and I'll make a necklace for you!

Annie ~*

Susannah said...

Annie~ Great to see you! What a fabulous idea!! These flowers have only gotten lovlier since these pics were taken. The alum. sulfate we (my 13 y/o & I) put into the soil has continued to deepen the color as the 'flowerettes' have grown. There's no more white left in the blooms, & the color is the deepest shade of purple!! WONDERFUL!!!

I'm going to do exactly what you've said, & press some of them. Would you suggest regular paper, tissue, wax paper?

And the necklace sounds like a lovely idea! I may just take you up on that!